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See how the processing of aluminum salt slag invented by ALTES works

which completely recovers waste classified as toxic-harmful by European legislation.

At first, metals such as iron, nickel, zinc, copper and others are separated, which are recovered, ready for a new life.

Then the slags undergo a desalination process, the liquid takes away the salt, and thus disinfectants and sodium hypochlorite are born, such as bleach, conegrine or varicine.

The third dimension of the ALTES ecological plan transforms the waste into liquid or solid aluminum sulphate, a compound used for water purification.

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And at the end of the process invented by ALTES, you can be sure that all that remains of your aluminum slag is this refractory material, perfect for blast furnaces and high temperature insulators and other thermal products.

In short, as you have seen with your own eyes, the entire ALTES cycle of recovery and reuse of aluminum slag is a virtuous circle, which protects the environment from unnecessary waste and has the advantage of reducing the use of materials raw materials, optimizing costs and processing times.

Clear no?

ALTES: innovation, recovery, reuse, responsibility.

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